With over half of the world’s populations on social media and its increasing growth day after day, social media is now the new marketplace for businesses and brands.

It is the most preferred network and platform for businesses to reach out to their potential clients, exciting ones, and target audience. Besides, social media has simplified sales channels with a lot of possibilities involved in it. When it comes to business visibility on the internet, social media takes a larger percentage of the platforms used by brands, businesses, and organizations to showcase their services.

Previously, before social media became the order of the day, websites and blogs were the only source businesses could use to showcase their products and services. But why has social media become an essential tool for business over the past few years? Indeed, it is crystal clear that social media combined various platforms as a whole, making it a formidable tool that cannot be avoided by brands and businesses. The combination of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Snapchat, Youtube, and many other platforms has formed a big social media world.

However, considering the most used, trending, and most preferred social media platform, you will realize it is Instagram. As a platform equipped with several features, it outstands the majority of other social media platforms while it helps businesses grow their brand. More so, as a business, if you have been using Instagram, you are sure to testify that it is pretty much your desired platform, among others.

Some Features Of Instagram That Makes It More Preferable

  • Over 900 million people make use of their Instagram account actively every month.
  • More than 80 percent of Instagram users follow one or more business accounts.
  • Besides, more than 2 million advertisers make use of Instagram every month.
  • Almost 60% of micro-influencers had their best engagement on Instagram.
  • About 60 percent of Instagram users visit their profiles daily.

This list of statistics above shows how active Instagram users are and the potential exposure your business can get from the platform. More so, it gives the company a better reason to leverage on the platform for sales, awareness, and, most importantly, brand building. Promoting products and services on Instagram has also witnessed a massive turn over, making it a better platform for business anytime.

Besides, these facts and figures have shown that Instagram is extremely powerful and useful as it helps brands reach their potential customers and keep the existing ones.

How Instoo Is A Unique Instagram Bot

Aside from the listed benefits, Instagram is one of the top-rated platforms that can use bots to enhance your page visibility and performance over time. As technology advances, there are solutions created to help businesses on Instagram perform much better and also help them gain visibility. You should know that there are several ways how Instoo instagram bot avoids detection by the Instagram algorithm, and this allows it to perform excellently above other bots you might know of. The updates made to instoo bot has made it completely undetectable when it’s performing the necessary activities it is recommended for.

Here Are Ways Instoo Achieve Being Undetectable By Instagram
  1. Insto uses Hyperparameter Optimisation: Basically, any social media platform that exists is only designed for human being’s activities. However, with a bot, you can automate things, while having more time to carry out other activities. With the use of global user data by instoo, the bot’s activities are simulated and automated very closely like the behavior of a real human being. The instagram algorithm can’t detect the activities of instoo because the bot blends in and acts often like regular instagram users.
  2. Request Offloading: Common activities carried out by real human beings like looking up an Instagram account profile images are performed by the instoo server, not by your computer’s IP. This method helps reduce the number of times your IP contacts the Instagram server, which makes it difficult for your account and activities to be tracked.

Exciting Reasons Why To Brands Make Use Of Instagram

The majority of businesses prefer Instagram over other social media platforms due to their advanced features and how they help companies achieve their brand visibility. Below are some reasons why businesses prefer Instagram platforms over other social media.

  • Benefit From The Vast Number Of Mobile App Users. Almost all the social media platforms that you can name off have developed mobile applications for their platforms. You might wonder why these are the new trends for social media developers. Generally, many people make use of their smartphones to access their social media platforms. Besides, more than 52 percent of internet traffic emanates from mobile devices. Another statistic also explains that people s[end 85 percent of their time on their mobile devices.
  • Increasing Brand Awareness. You know by now that Instagram has more than 900 million active users monthly, and presently, Instagram has reached 1 billion active users in a month. This has made Instagram an excellent place for business to showcase their product and services while being able to reach virtually half of the world population. Also, with the increase in the number of Instagram users, businesses can reach out to many more people through promoted posts and advertisements.

Sharing content on Instagram stories and showing at the explore section of the Instagram page is another benefit the platform offers. Now that you have seen the real benefits that Instagram offers to the business, you must always ace your game and stay ahead of other competitors. More so, boosting your brand by connecting with influencers on Instagram is another benefit you can enjoy from Instagram. Activities that automation tools can help you achieve on Instagram can include uploading, scheduling, and publishing your content. Finally, the benefits Instagram offers you coupled with automation tools will make your page stay ahead and also save you tons of time, which you can channel to achieve other important too.