The economic activities of every nation are affected by ethical violations and criminal activities perpetrated in various industries of the economy. Over the past years, there has been increased clamor about the fraudulent activities performed by the housing sector, and the financial institutions that manage the housing sector funds.

Besides, when it comes to financial crimes, it is observed that mortgage providers explore this opportunity for the bad actors and devise cunning ways to defraud their clients while cutting corners by all means. There are several complex unethical and criminal activities that are surrounding mortgage fraud.


Some Interesting Points You Should Take Note Of Regarding Mortgage Fraud

  • Common mortgage frauds carried out by financial institutions are based on income and asset falsification, and some other professionals in the mortgage industry might go towards the appraisal funds route. They make use of air loans to dupe the systems and ensure they get away with it.
  • Predatory lending activities and unnecessary foreclosure, in addition to mortgage reduction and some other scams, are what contributed to the great 2007 recession.
  • Indeed, mortgage fraud has continued to be the problem faced in several nations that operate on this housing system. Based on data made available by CoreLogic, in September 2018, it was observed that one in every one hundred and nine mortgage applications show a form of fraudulent activity.
  • However, there are organizations saddled with the responsibility of monitoring, investigating, and reporting any form of mortgage fraud observed.

The role of is to ensure your mortgage application is done successfully and transparently. While ensuring there isn’t any form of fraud whatsoever regarding your mortgage loans.


More About Mortgage Fraud And The Perpetrators

Mortgage fraud is considered to be a simple deliberate misrepresentation and an act of deception toward any mortgaged property or loans to be acquired by an individual. There is misinformation by the parties involved about the facts and figures surrounding such mortgage applications. Typically, mortgage fraud isn’t only targeted at the lending organization but also targeted at the borrowers. Often housing mortgage fraud can be committed by an individual or organization who intends to occupy a property as the resident or by a networked group of investors with the sole aim of defrauding the rental property organizations.


The Two Areas Of Mortgage Fraud

There are two sections where mortgages can be committed either by an individual or by a group of investors.

Fraud For Profit: individuals or groups of people who commit this kind of fraud are mostly industry experts equipped with specialized knowledge of the mortgage industry. Their knowledge of the industry gives them an edge on how they could forge documents, misrepresent information and use it to their advantage.

Fraud For Housing: the other form of mortgage fraud committed is carried out by the borrower whose aim is to acquire and occupy the property illegally. Maintaining ownership of the apartment without proper payment plans and misrepresentation of the income and loan application made to entice the property rentals.