Building wealth is something we are all passionate about, hence finding many ways to accomplish our desires. Even with the several options of making wealth, we cannot deny that cryptocurrency is the new trend that explodes in popularity.

Because of this desire in this type of trading, finding the right exchange is the first step. You should know that it is not as simple as it sounds, especially with the many options with different terms out there.

Luckily, there are excellent guidelines below to help you decide on the perfect cryptocurrency exchange to invest in.

Read on.



The success of a cryptocurrency is from its following. Therefore, look out for cryptocurrencies with broad and robust communities that consist of loyal followers. This will show that people have genuine interest and belief in cryptocurrency. For instance, has many users and followers on social media platforms like Reddit and Twitch.

Always go through forums and other sources online to find out what people are saying on different coins. Even the small communities are beneficial to give you the information you need to for a particular currency.


Ultimate Analysis

This means the foundation of an investment which includes the team, ambitions, vision, strength, and more.

With keen research on the ultimate or fundamental analysis, you will also gain more technical analysis. With a tremendous fundamental analysis, you will stand a better ground for making wise investment decisions. This is essential, especially in a market full of people after low-quality altcoins.

It would be best if you asked yourself questions like;

  • Who is the founder of the cryptocurrency?
  • What is their ambition?
  • Do they have a record of proven success?
  • Is their expertise reliable?

These are the most important questions to help you determine the right cryptocurrency. Without a doubt, a great team shows so much power in leading the foundation to success.



Technology plays an essential role in establishing the success of a cryptocurrency.

You have to understand how it will outdo its competitors and unique about the technology from the rest. Please pay attention to the prominent visionaries, as these are the cryptocurrencies that will disturb their industry.

Your choice should have a technology that makes it easy for developers to join the blockchain with various applications.


White Paper

A white paper comes with every release of a cryptocurrency. The white document generally outlines the purpose, use, vision, and technology of the particular coin.

With access to the white paper, you will learn everything about the available coins. This will help you separate the wheat from the chaff. Therefore, it would be best if you do not invest in any currency until you read its white paper thoroughly.

You might have to push your way through a few technical vocabularies in the white paper, but not to worry. It’s every bit worth reading because it’s such a rich source of awareness.

Besides, the more white papers you read, the higher ground you stand in identifying the long-standing winners. A white paper is also able to inform you of the cryptocurrency’s professionalism and integrity.

Lastly, ensure that your potential cryptocurrency ticks the boxes for each of the above guidelines. However, remember that there are no actual ‘safe bets’ in the crypto world, but it won’t hurt to follow a guide.