What is the feeling when you made all your efforts and did research to write a blog, but there is no reader to read the blog? The sentiment is a lot more different, and it feels like you are sharing information screaming into the void. It is very obvious to feel disappointed and still stay motivated if nobody’s responding to your blog content.

Situations get trickier as it gets harder even to convert those readers into actual buyers and regular visitors. Developing an audience through your blog is never that easy. So, if you are one of those new bloggers, the most common question you might have – What exactly needs to do in rapidly growing online space?

Today there are a billion blog websites online, and grabbing attention seems another big challenge.

Blogging Growth Statistics

  • By the year 2021, the content marketing industry is set to be worth $412bn| Thedrum
  • Another fact also states that the content marketing industry is also projected to achieve an escalation rate of 16% yearly | Thedrum

Consequently, by looking at the top blogging trends, you can effectively develop an engaging audience of people and allow them to discover more of your content. As we are approaching in New Year 2020, let us look at the few key blogging trends to keep into consideration.

Essential blogging practice in 2020 requires a focus on the following metrics. If you are looking to delve into blogging as your content marketing strategy should start with learning the statistics, facts, and trends.

Quality content must get used to readers

Blogging in 2020 is going to emphasize even more on quality content. No matter what business you are in, if you want to do effective content marketing and SEO, then you got to publish and promote only and only valuable content. So, what exactly does that look like?

Now search results are getting more competitive than ever. It is essential to understand the fact that if you are delivering underwhelming content that not focuses on your readers, but just on you, you’re going to lose.

More personalized content

Now you also need to know that readers are looking for more relevant and personalized content that could well resolve their queries and at the same time, meets their requirements. Any blog is of no use if it just addresses to a single person in particular. It is always better if you are very clear about who your target audience is and deliver information focusing on the need as it will become even more critical.

Niche content

In the coming year 2020, blogs will be more specific. Don’t expect any engagement for any “General” subject blogs. Be smart enough to cover the niche subject of your choice that hasn’t been overdone.

Blog words count is all set to go up

As per Orbit Media in the year 2016, the length of an average blog post had successfully grown up to 1,054 words. Having said that, don’t be surprised that in the year 2020, words count in the blog will further rise even more. A current study takes about few statistics like:

  • Reviews from industry experts show that the average word count of any of the top-ranked blog post available in Google is approximately between 1,140 to 1300 words
  • Also, many companies are still striving to produce content longer than 800 words. Thus it is yet another velar indication about the growing gap, and one needs to take advantage of the difference by offering meaningful content to progress rankings.
  • In-depth and long-form content is very much capable of generating ten times more leads in comparison to any shorter form of content.
  • Another surprising fact to note is that the ratio is approximately 16 to 1 for a blog post right below 1,000 words as compared to the blog post with words strength above 2,000 words. Thus there is a clear gap, and we can easily exploit for rankings.
  • One must also not forget that if we count the number of shares ratio, even then, the longer the content gets high shares. The study had shown that any of the blog posts that consist of 3,000 to 5,000 words range performs well as it also creates a good connection for long-tail keywords.

Blog content publishing frequency now matters

You must accept the fact that blogging with consistency is now even more necessary for a successful content marketing strategy to work. Blog content frequency does matter, and in the coming days, it will play a crucial role. Different studies also show that content publishing 4 to 5 times per week helps in achieving the highest results in terms of both conversions and traffic. 

Quick Takeaways:
  • Even today, less than 10% of of-of bloggers write and submit five or more posts within a week.
  • 15+ posts in a month is a real magic number, as it results in an evident boost in web traffic for all kinds of businesses.
  • As per the study submitted by HubSpot, companies that have been publishing 16+ blog posts per month has been able to secure 3.5 times more traffic in comparison to those with four or fewer posts per month.
  • It is regrettable to see that just 70% of marketers don’t stick to the golden rule of consistent content strategy. | Altimeter
  • Social Media Examiner says only approximately 70% of content marketers are looking forward to progress on their existing blogging frequency

Content promotion proves more essential

Your blog content requires getting into the world and gets noticed, and there are several conducts of doing it. Content promotion is vital in the present scenario.

Promoting on Social Media Channels

Promoting blog content on social media helps in getting more exposure. Make a habit of sharing the blog on a different variety of platforms. A smart tactic that you can opt for is getting into Facebook groups, forums, and potentially even Reddit. As other people start sharing your content, the more readers across the world will get to know. It would be a good signal on your influence on search engines.

Email marketing

Email marketing also assists in connecting with readers who have eagerly shown high interest in your blog content in the past. By executing successful Solid email marketing campaigns, you can once again connect with customers who had lapsed in visiting your blog.

Blog Sharing Statistics & Studies

  • Approximately 94% of people perform an act of sharing blog content do to assist or help other people | New York Times Study
  • Nearly about 84% of the people feel happy while sharing a blog post to pride the right support to specific causes they care about and covered in the blog. | New York Times Study
  • Blog posts are one of the best and most kind of content shared on Twitter | Expresswriters
  • Any blogger with the right social presence who shares 15+ posts tends to receive all most 1000 new leads every month. | Contentworks
  • Buyers favor LinkedIn as the ideal choice for social network and thus sharing business-related content | Curata

With all these blog writing trends that will rock in 2020, you must incorporate all these in your blog strategy. Keep in mind that when it comes to your blogging strategy, every little modification can lead to a good result. It is ideally recommended to separate all required variables from concluding what matters most to your target audience. By opting for the right steps, coming next year could be the best blogging year. Good luck!