A virtual event is any organized arrangement of individuals to come together where the participants are not present in the same location but are connected to interact in a shared environment online rather than meeting physically.

With the dynamic shift that the event industry has witnessed in months due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, event companies worldwide are moving towards virtual platforms to continue running their business regardless.

While organizing virtual events comes with its own share of setbacks and technicalities that can be quite cumbersome to deal with, it is what we need to work with at the moment. Having highlighted this, there are several greater advantages of digitally conducting events of any size.

Virtual events have been getting a lot of attention ever since the Coronavirus pandemic hit due to the traveling restrictions that were imposed around the globe. However, the truth is, virtual events have been on the rise for many years even before last year, 2020.

The need to host parties and events has led invited.us to create an interesting platform for online parties and other related events. They have everything you need to host the most exciting event around! Some events include workshops, teambuilding, quizzes and much more.

Today, we can host a wide range of events in virtual events space thanks to the idea and the engineering option relating to the online get-together. These platforms make it easy to conceptualize, organize, and execute any kind of virtual event you can picture.

With engagement features like polling, live chat, Q&A, and organizing features such as dedicated halls and exhibition stalls, things are just much more convenient.

Here are some of the most popular types of virtual events that people can organize:

Virtual Seminars And Workshops

Virtual seminars, or popularly known as webinars, are one of the oldest types of virtual events. Webinars are great when it comes to giving value to your attendees and establishing your brand as an industry thought-leader. You can also include a workshop element to double down on the value provided by your event.

Music Performances And Concerts

While we might have more recorded music than we can hear in a single lifetime, live music is another experience altogether. While it is not really possible for bands and artists to do shows in the current climate, virtual music performances and concerts are a great way to enjoy the experience of live music right from your home!

According to a survey conducted by Statista…“70% of respondents had moved at least portions of their face-to-face event to a virtual platform, and some did it completely. 69% decided to utilize a webinar format instead of the face-to-face, while 62% live-streamed their favorite speakers”.

Podcasts and talk shows are hugely popular these days, especially if the people involved have a significant audience or the topic is highly interesting.

These are just some examples but honestly, you can expect to get host any kind of virtual in 2021 with good virtual events platforms.