Today’s world is characterized by people spending their days on the social media platform, and the extent to which social media users are engrossed in its usage is on the rise. People’s lifestyle and activities have been built on social media, and a lot of events is carried out on the platform daily.

More so, some people are so addicted to the use of social media that, the first thing they check out on their phone when they wake up in the news feed on FaceBook or their timeline on the Instagram. Some even prefer a particular social media platform to other ones, which they spend less time checking out the other ones.

Aside from the regular social lifestyle published on social media platforms, advertisers and marketers have found a way to push out their content to the consumers, which are the social media platform users. However, the competition on the social media platform is stiff and high, and it has now become tough for brands and business owners to stand out from the crowd.

Been current and up to date in the social trends and the happening in the exciting world of social media is implementing the right strategy and standing out of the crowd. Some social media trends that had taken up the stance in the year 2019 is quite a good number. Below are some trends that have been happening and would continue to happen.

The Popularity of user-generated content would increase

The advantages derived by brand form leveraging on user-generated content on the social; media have not slowed down, and it is not time for it to take a slow. The trend observed in the aspect of user-generated content is still waxing stronger and stronger and, while many marketers and business promoters are using the user-generated content to push the reputation of their business further. Brands all over the world are now generally reaching out to their customers to create unique content while tagging the brands handle on social media. Additionally, social media campaign strategy based on encouraging people to submit their user-generated content.

More Prevalence of local targeting

As seen in the SEO world where contents are targeted to people in a particular area and filter to suit their needs and interest. The social media trend and activities have been crafted in a way to satisfy the users and also localize it to them. Top brands and SMEs have opted for the location-based targeting, which is being used to reach out to social media users from a specific geo-location. Geo-targeting of posts, stories, and contents is one of the common ways brands use to attract users.

Social media as a customer service tool

Additionally, the principal usefulness of social media platform is meant for networking and connecting with people around and in distant lands. However, social media has gone past this stage, and in the present year of 2019, social media has evolved into a retail platform. More so, customer service is being offered on social media in a way brands connect with their customers, takes their complaints, and solve it. The transition of social media as a customer service tool does not just happen overnight, as most brands recognized that their customers are on social media platforms.

The upscale of influencer marketing

Although influencer is not a new trend in the social media world. It has taken another dimension and had been upscaled from what it used to be to a new thing. The adoption of this trend has been achieved from a different perspective, which includes the brands using the influencers, the consumers and the influencers themselves. This circle of three networks has been another social media trend and activities which have taken a new wave in 2019. More social media users now go for products or services based on the recommendation of the influencers.

Augmented Reality

The actual look of things has been totally changed by the addition of digital elements through augmented reality. The perspective at which social media users see a product is now enhanced and more digitalized through the use of the AG technology. The trend has become more impactful and useful for both the product providers and the consumers on the social media leveraging on this technology. For example, Instagram has chosen to implement the technology to several numbers of pictures, thereby adding filters, bunny ears, and other fun features to the images uploaded.

Content personalization has become a big deal

In the offline world where regular marketer and business developers operate, they have come to realize that personalization is the strategy of winning more clients and landing more successful deals. When it comes to the adoption of social media, personalization has also become a trend which is observed by social media brands to target their consumer and win their heart to buy more. Many people might argue that there is a limit at which brands and businesses can know much about them on social media and that there could be little or no success regarding that. However, brands can now personalize ads, which are a way to target interest and behavior on social media. More so, the social media platform has started providing advance customization and targeting of ads to social media consumers.

Social Listening by brands

Social media is a database of information, insights, and business data that can be used to attract new customers, keep the existing ones, and upscaling their business activities. With the launch of social media listening tools, the trend of brands listening to the actions of social media users has increased, and more so, brands can now subtly join conversations and win users over to their business platform. It is also a way to checkmate the extent and the perspective of users about a particular brand its success stories in the users’ minds and generally believes in the populace.

The rise of Social media communities

Obviously the social media trend will not be complete without talking about the dimension the social media groups and communities have been so far. Individuals create communities, brands, organizations, and others, in other to network, discuss and capture the interest of social media users in a central point.

In general, some trends have been observed to dominate the social media world and also forge ahead into the next year (2020) and probably beyond. Leveraging on these known trends would impact any activities you are engaging with on social media, put you ahead of completion as a brand, and perhaps helps you and a social media to determine contents and ads that worth your time or not. Acing your social media game in a competitive environment can only be achieved by understanding the concept of the busy and ever-dynamic social media world.