Have you felt like some of your stuff is dormant, or maybe you are not using them entirely as you ought to? It would help if you didn’t let this continue being the case, whether these are your equipment or ones you share with a business partner(s). Cars and houses are the most common types of equipment that pop up to a person’s mind anytime renting out of equipment are in question. But do you know you can rent out your utensils and other small stuff to a neighbor having a party next door and make some cash? Let’s find out.

Business Equipment

In your business set-up, there are many things that your company may not be used as often as they should be used. This makes these equipment lie dormant most of the time. Some of these can attract some good money back to your company if managed well. Here are some of the equipment you may rent out as a business entity.

Office Space

When you grow as a business, you tend to move to a more spacious office outlet leaving you with extra office space that may be far from your new location. While the selling of the old property may be an option, it may take longer to find a new customer to buy the whole property. While trying to find a lasting solution, renting the property can be an ideal option. This generates some income in the form of rent and also keeps your property useful and in good shape for the time.

Audio-Visual Equipment

Audio-Visual equipment such as cameras and video equipment are expensive assets that you cannot afford to leave idle in your cabinets when not in use. As a business, you can make extra revenue by putting your equipment for rent. With many organizations preferring to rent this expensive audio-visual equipment, you may be making more in renting them out than the much you could make when using the equipment as a business.

As you help these organizations save money from buying the equipment they may not need full-time, you will generate extra income as a business and increase your profits.


Pallets are greatly useful for storage and internal logistics within a company. Your company can make extra money on these pallets by leasing some or all of them when not in use to a neighboring company for extra cash. Using a third company to help with the renting out of the pallets makes the work easier as they collect and deliver the pallets to the destination company and will pick them after use to return to your company. The third company also makes sure your pallets are in shape and clean when returned.

Heavy Machinery

Renting out trucks, building machinery, mining, and forestry machinery, among others, maybe the most lucrative of the renting out business. As these types of machinery attract good income to your business, the renting process also helps to keep the machines in use and reducing the machines’ downtime costs.

Conference Room

Most of the time, your company’s conference room is never occupied, leave alone being used by anyone. Due to these numerous idle times, you could consider renting out space to businesses and companies around struggling with limited space and, therefore, no room to hold meetings. You can always mark it free and open for booking on your marketing website, so interested parties can book in, run their meetings, and give you your dues.

Personal Equipment

There is just much of your equipment that you could rent out to make extra money. Let’s have a few examples of some of these types of equipment.


Your car(s) could be a liability if all they do is to lie idle on your compound. This is practically true if you have more cars that you are not using at the same time. However, even if you have one or two cars, you can still liaise with leasing agents and companies to help you get genuine clients and trace them. While you go about handling your other businesses, your car(s) will be out earning some more money for you.

House or Room

In this modern age and time, there exist so many marketplaces where you can rent out your house or a room in your home for some extra cash. You can go for short-term clients who pop in when there is an event around your community, and they need somewhere safe to stay within the few days or weeks they will be around for the events. At some point, you may consider renting out your room or house for long-term tenants depending on your agreements. Whether you go for long-term or short-term rental agreements, make a choice that makes you comfortable as the owner.

Party Supplies

While many households within your neighborhood may love to throw in a party one moment or the other, a few of them would buy their party supplies. These party supplies may include utensils for serving a sizeable number of people, tables, and chairs, among others. Since parties come once in a while, they will not see the need to buy them for themselves as they will take up space in the living room, leaving them renting as the ideal choice.

Parking Space

Luckily for you, you may have settled in a land adjacent to the road or a busy organization, and you have some extra space in your compound, large enough to host several cars. You can use this space as a supplement parking space for people entering an event in the organization next to your home and making extra income.


Believe it or not, you can rent out clothes that you rarely put on, and the borrowers will be responsible for washing and returning them in good condition. So instead of getting rid of your lovely clothes which you do not want to lose soon, you can rent them occasionally for some small financial return.

There are many other types of equipment you may consider to rent out either on your business premises or at home. All you need is to find out the perfect marketing agency to link you with your potential clients.