Finding the best way to improve your social media strategy is one of the best moves you should have made in the year 2019, has the year came with a lot of social media trends that affected the users and the brands on social media positively.

Improving your marketing strategy, approach, and also landing more clients boils down to you, implementing the right plan for the social space. Like other tech tools and marketing channels for business and individuals, social media has never been stagnant, and it has evolved continuously day after day.

Previous years trends have face out while some stood the test of time and move into the new year, while some are dormant and still valid to an extent. Behaviors, partners, and activities of people are changing, and this has been a factor modifying the actions of people on social media.

The key to social media trends and changes you need to be aware of centers on the activities of brands, personal activities, influencers, and the use of tech tools in combinations with social media and others. The director of marketing at SellerEngine Software, in her words, said, “there would be a lot of changes in the year 2019, and to her, it depends on how brands can understand their audience and leverage on the insights gathered from them. More so, she emphasizes on crafting a personalized, targeted message and content for the audience and not shying away from the fact that engaging content matter most also.”

Therefore, an important trend that matters most for brands, business, industry experts, and others are related below:

Caring about your audience

Sharing moments that matter and true stories

The year would be drawn to having more authenticity and personalized information on social media. The audience is waiting to have the human feeling and the connection beyond the regular posts going on social media platforms. This means there would be less static posts, pictures which are mainly designed just for the social media platform but more of behind the scene activities that go down in the production of any product or services in from a brand. Stories tend to creates more relationships, a window into activities between a user and a brand on social media. In other to cut the stagnancy and reduce the boringness observed on social media, sharing moments and secrets matters more.

Putting your audience first

You would not expect loyalty where you do not show love to, your audience wants to feel connected to you by the love you show them, and they would return the favor by showing loyalty to your brand and also being responsive to post made on social media.  The relationship is more driven to an engagement way, while the trend has cut across all levels and social media platforms. The users are now out for brands who post to satisfy their interests and also connect with them. Being authentic all the time is part of the major demands of 2019 social media users. More so, the newness of the social media era has ended, and users now search for useful information and personalized content that is tailor-fit to their needs.

Building your audience and followers trust

The need to build a better brand trust around the audience on social media cannot be overemphasized as the 2019 audience has shifted away from the conventional way they consume information, and they want more from the brand they follow. Building your audience trust would also allow you to gain more potential consumers for products and services

Social media Content type

The era of blank text and some few images has beginning to fade away, while a lot of users on social media are driven to have content that appeals to their emotions. The use of motion pictures, boomerang, animations, and video content is one of the leading trends in the area of social media content. The primary trend these days is the video, and it is the best way to engage with your audience and appeal to their emotions why you showcase any product service or your personality on the social media space.

  • Live Video: The Senior social media manager at GuideWell Connect had retreated that brands partnering with an influencer to deliver great video content has a way of creating the human touch users on the social media platform seeks. The live video, therefore, is a way to show to the world activities behind the scene and also intimate the followers with desired information of a brand or an individual.
  • Vertical Video: The break out of IGTV this year has also shown that video content is king on social media and at the center of it all, the video would keep on ruling the social media space while users would get more engaged and be able to have information about the brand more concisely.


The shift from real human customer service as gone to the point of involving bot in automating the responses gotten from organizations when businesses are closed. Chatbots are the real deal now in the social media world, banking services, and business has also developed bots on the social media platform to serve their customers much better. According to statistics, messengers and Chabot have an excellent open rate, and they are seen to be much more useful to build a better audience. The best advice for business in today’s social media world is creating a Facebook messenger Chabot, growing contacts on the Chabot platform, and delivering their contents through this means also.


Most of the time, LinkedIn is seen as a professional space that could not give out a proper audience to brands; contrary to this, 2019 has witnessed a massive shift from the regular usage of LinkedIn, and then groups and community have been ways to connect with the users. More so, influencers have now been creating a niche for themself on the LinkedIn platform, and then incorporating the use of video content also has been a great move for business. A lot of belief is based on LinkedIn

Been a platform that gives creators a better chance to showcase what they have got to offer and their post been seen more. Get more out of social media trend and insights which can be helpful, and also help to attain your goals of being on social media. The success of your social media activities would depend on how informed you are about these trends and how effective you utilize them for your business or yourself.