Generally, digital marketing has been a dynamic world, and what has been trending in the previous years has now become obsolete. Obviously, there is some trend you cannot sideline, and there are some you can live off. Marketing has seen a rapid change in the last half-decade more than what it has witnessed over the previous 50 years.

This progress, however, is not showing a sign of slow momentum anytime soon. A dramatic shift has been observed lately in digital marketing relating to social media marketing, search engine optimization, pay per click, and also content marketing.

Way back ago, what you only need a way to post once on your social media page, and you can grow your followers, reach out to the potential audience. Presently, accessing customers on social media come at a premium level, if you cannot develop tailored fit content to your audience and also generating real conversation with the audience, you will lag. While some digital marketers have adhered to the new marketing trends, some others are still on the verge of studying what the latest trends are. Sometimes ago, there wasn’t any flare for artificial intelligence, but that time is long gone. Generally, digital marketing has incorporated artificial intelligence into its core trends.

Evolving technology, the interconnectivity era, shows there is a need for an organization to leverage their past efforts and see through what worked and what has failed them in terms of digital marketing. You should, however, be aware that it is not the new technologies alone that have changed the face of digital marketing, but also the consumer’s behaviors.

Here are some key trends for the digital marketing space you cannot do away with and some new trends you should also watch out for in the coming year.

The Ultimate SEO and AB Testing

Digital marketing has always incorporated testing into its features; this is why you cannot do without SEO. More so, AB testing allows you to understand what works and what does not, more so, you will be able to leverage what works better. Isolating traffic through testing permits you to target several ranges of the audience and analyzing the outcome through content changes. Tools like Clickflow can be used to analyze the extent and performance of your content; the click-through rate achieved. More so, the Google search console is a powerful tool you can leverage to check the performance and ranking of your web pages, the extent of inbound marketing, and also generally improve the forthcoming traffic. SEO testing features the ability output insights into the overall performance of the website.


Business modules, websites, and social media pages have switched up towards the implementation of chats bots to simplify communications, take requests, and lots more. Off-hours form offices and downtime on websites are now handled by chatbots giving the customers some sense of attention while the response process is being initiated. Chatbots can serve for multiple different purposes, and most of the time, they handle a request, answer questions, and assist users in accomplishing simple tasks also. Most big enterprise organization deploys a virtual assistant bot to manage the advance request, and digital concierges are actualized through the use of this chatbots. Daily, there is innovation towards the purposes of chatbots, such as talent recruiting, customer self-service, shopping assistance, and many more.

Artificial Intelligence

Several fields and sectors of business have been incorporating their intelligence into a way of life. AI would rule the next generation and at least simplify jobs, and effectively performing programmed duties. For instance, the Knightscope K5 robots have been used by Uber and some other giant companies to patrol the parking area while gathering details used for predicting and possibly preventing crime. Obviously, the robots are programmed to read number plates report any suspected activity that could escalate the security breach while reporting the data to the bot owners. In recent years, the use of AI has been one of the most significant opportunities businesses; companies can leverage on while in the next couple of years, AI would saturate the world space more relatively.

Tailored fit and personalized content

If you have ever studied or worked with a buyer persona, you would understand the importance of personalization. During the customer journey through the sales funnel, it has been observed that personalized marketing content appeals more to consumers and the audience.  Also, based on Forbes reports, about 44% to 46% of consumers found out that the love a personalized shopping experience. Achieving personalization can be done through generating insights, and analyzing the outcome while narrowing it down to the users. There are several benefits associated with marketing personalization; they increase brand loyalty among previous consumers, upgraded consumer experiences, and brand consistency.

Video Marketing

In today’s digital space, Video content has been the most crucial trend in the world of digital marketing. The following statistics have shown how vital video content is to online consumers and the effect it has on business in the present age.

  1. About 65% of consumers visit a marketer’s web address, and almost 40% of the 65% reach out to the seller after watching the video
  2. 70% of consumers love to re-share interest brands video among their networks.
  • 52% of the consumers also retreated that watching product video gives them better confidence on any item they are about to buy online
  1. About 72% of small and big business has testified the improvement their business has witnessed since they have been showcasing through videos.
  2. Generally, video is the content most consumers want to relate with when learning about features and specifications of new products.

Whether you have lost track of the present digital marketing trends and the new landscape it features, or you are struggling to catch up with the innovations in the marketing world, one thing is constant, as a business owner or a digital marketer you can afford to get behind. To be able to compete with others in your market space, a full understanding of these trends, and many more are necessary for you to survive the industry and edge out others.