Marketo introduction allows an average company to get involved with up to 20 different tools. In case you wish to conduct a marketing campaign via the CRM database, this can take days and months. Let’s get to know about Marketo, with its new merits, and get familiar with the Newly Introduced Marketo with MS Dynamics integration.

Here we’ll talk more on the integration of the Microsoft Dynamics and Marketo integration capabilities to ensure you’ve grasped the details adequately.

Marketo has established appropriate ways to enable you to enjoy more with the newly acquired Marketo Microsoft Dynamics. It will help your mind think critically on how to link Marketo along with Microsoft Dynamics.

Why It’s Important to connect Marketo to a CRM

There are several reasons why it’s essential to link your CRM with the Hub spot portal.  Here we’ll inform you of the four broad benefits that accrue to sales and marketing teams. Companies that use Marketo-CRM integration would help a lot. Sales and Marketing teams should start creating a link between the existing CRM and Marketo. Marketo is an essential tool in aligning and increasing sales and marketing of a company. However, integrating pipe drive and CRM is not that effective and can bring about some challenges, as well as issues.

Disconnected CRMs and marketing automation

It is advisable to run the pipe drive and Marketo without integration because sometimes you may find that sales and marketing communications that are not in order. Conflicts may start arising. It is inappropriate for a business intending to thrive, engaging their clients with wrong messages, and it is wrong.

A company should have a capable pipe drive if the sales team is not included in the Marketo database. It’s quite a challenge to run the sales team’s that do not have marketing programs.

Bedrock database offers a convenient way to have a stable Marketo database. Finding a way to join the two is a bit tiresome; however, the Bedrock database became the best solution to link to two systems, which is Pipe drive and Marketo. The implementation of this idea can be done fast and with ease. Thus it would enable a company to maintain all data in sync between pipelines and market leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities, deals, as well as, organizations.

The multi-directional sync

There is always a need for a company to make use of multi-directional sync. It implies that each time a lead is added to the pipe drive, it’s also included in Marketo. Critical updates have been formed between the two systems, as well as storing data that is de-duplicated in both dimensions.

Integrating pipe drive and Marketo makes a sales and marketing team more organized. With this, a company would run smoothly, since there is a constant flow of information, regarding interactions, as well as activities from every team having a prospect. Operating with consistent data between pipe drive and Marketo is now automated, as well as up to date.

A company should make use of the segmentation based on lead status. With this integration, you can create not only batch but also automated campaigns that focus on the right deals depending on the latest CRM data.

Additionally, doing this integration will enhance valid transactions in the company. Isn’t this what we all look to have in our businesses, right? It is a huge time saver since everything will now be updated in real-time.

For a company using the Multi-directional sync would operate hand in hand with both the sales and Marketing teams, connecting the two groups to work as one. Companies that have this integration can now communicate effectively to the database. Having this integration would positively impact your company with sales and marketing alignment.

With this, a company will now be able to identify individuals who are unable to engage the sales as an active opportunity that allows effective communications between clients and prospects.

Automated Lead Delivery

Having this automated lead delivery in a company would lead that qualify for marketing over to the CRMs. For example, a company like Bedrock has formulated their interventions around cases that allow the efficiency of the Marketo. This is mostly things that most Marketo users do to maximize their output. The first case to be implemented is the automated lead delivery starting from marketing to sales.

Sales Visibility

If you want success for your company, then having sales visibility in your CRM will ensure your team gets the right context why they are always in the lead. Marketo is an essential tool for businesses that don’t use sales force in CRMs. Sales representatives will receive the information in the form of the summary without learning a new interface apart from the CRM they use in their daily activities.

Focus on the CRM Database

You can get the latest updates from the company’s CRM, by communicating with prospects, as well as existing customers. It is made possible via the outstanding functionality of Marketo like the smart list, which empowers marketers. Marketo will allow you to do all this without having to come up with complicated spreadsheets.  Any company would want their marketing campaign to be made privately accompanied by critical data updates provided by the CRM. Marketo will always put a company in the right campaign.

Closed up reporting, as well as, more in-depth segmentation

Having compelling, as well as powerful cases to use, can provide an opportunity for syncing data back to the market. It allows further segmentation. Market RCA is what enables a business to come up with reports on how leads from specific programs are being transformed into the pipeline, opportunities, as well as, revenue.

The integration between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the Marketo will enable your company to achieve directs leads to sales representatives. Thus it will, in turn, help sales representatives focus on the intended leads. The sales representatives will not only close more deals but also close more deals faster and with ease. The average sales cycle should be around six months to one year before the implementation of Marketo along with the integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.