There were times when making money was strict ”offline.” Currently, many people have resorted to making money online with the internet craze. Making money online can either be a primary (full-time) or a secondary way of livelihood.

While the internet is a solution to your money problem, it can also be the source of your problems. It would be better if you were mindful of the platform you want to use to make money online. Also, avoid the get rich, easy schemes to be safe. Everything requires skill and knowledge to be able to use it to your advantage. As always, patience is a virtue.

Here are several online tools and platforms to help you start on your making money online journey.

Forex Trading

To engage in forex trading needs you to have capital. Why?

Forex trading is buying and selling or foreign currencies expecting the rates to change. To be particular, this means you buy anticipating for the currencies to be of higher value than which you sold. This is a trade that happens effectively online as you are supposed to have your eyes on global currencies.

Anything dealing with money requires a sober mind and knowledge of handling. Forex trading is not as easy as the financial market can be challenging. With forex trading, don’ expect to wake up a millionaire overnight. If this is a skill that you are not familiar with, don’t worry. You can learn tricks and tips for successful forex trading at Tradera Review. However, with excellent training, rest assured of earning money through significant scores.

It is advisable to have professionals take you through all the forex rules and regulations as a little mishap can land you a lawsuit.


Freelancing is a top strategy for earning online with great benefits. You can work from anywhere and be your boss without concerning yourself with topics of no interest. And the good news is you get to spend more time with family and friends since you set your schedule.

Nevertheless, freelancing is a broad topic requiring different skills. If you are not sure of any skill, you can browse through the internet and choose a preferable gift. As a rule of thumb, all skills need learning to gain knowledge. There are those that you can know successfully by yourself and get to work. But, training is also available online at affordable rates.

However, all is not rosy in the freelancing world. Staying without a stable job means that you keep hopping from one employer to another. Failure to that, you join the ”being broke’ club.

As a freelancer, you can create accounts such as Upwork and Fiverr to look for clients. These accounts require you to pitch your skills to get hired. If you do it right, freelancing is an excellent way to earning good cash frequently.

Web Designing

Being tech-savvy puts you ahead in the making money online industry. Most business owners only know the basics of IT. Therefore, they end up hiring tech gurus to handle most of their designs and repairs.

As a web designer, you stand a higher chance of landing many jobs online. The good thing about designing websites is that you don’t have to visit your clients physically. You get all the details online and get to work.

Websites vary with different specifications. Each client has specific tastes and requirements; hence you need to be on top of your game to deliver the best. With excellent knowledge and skills, you can advise your clients on the approach to their needs in designing websites. Because websites are different, you also get to charge differently, considering your input levels.

Online Tutoring

Are you an expert in something? People are always eager to learn something new, thus monetize your special skills by creating a digital course. Nevertheless, you can polish up your skill before sharing with your clients. Enroll in a class on how to become an instructor.

Online tutorials come in different formats. You can choose to share PDF files with your students or make video tutorials. All these depend on the skill you want to teach. Video tutorials, if you’re going to train on a service skill, your trainees will want to see what you are doing. Again, video tutorials form a bond of trust between the trainer and the trainees. It is easy to trust and pay for someone you see than someone who posts training scripts online. What’s more?

Always do a target audience survey on your skill to learn what they would prefer to learn. Don’t just train blindly because you feel you are well-equipped in the particular skill.

As a way of making online, online tutoring has no limits and boundaries on how much money you can make. The best way is to promote your courses globally like a YouTube channel and gain a higher number of viewers who eventually convert to trainees.

Virtual Assistant (VA)

Do you take pleasure in planning and organizing? Make money online by becoming a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant’s job is making the lives of people more comfortable.

A VA’s tasks are diverse, for example, bookkeeping, data entry, emails, social media management, booking appointments, research, and more. You can be a VA to a single person or for an organization as a whole. Read on.

Becoming a VA has its benefits besides making money, like gaining contacts with essential people in a society. This depends on who your work for. A virtual assistant has no restrictions on whereabouts. You can be enjoying yourself at a renowned beach with your loved ones and still be managing someone’s business.

Most companies are now cutting costs and hiring VA’s rather than having full-time assistance. However, to go corporate and grow your skills, you also need training. Organizations will only hire VA’s that know their way around their abilities correctly.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designs are all around us. From billboards in major cities to the toothpaste package in your house, that’s all graphic design. If you have a passion for designing or you are simply an artist, you can let your designs do the talking to the online market and make money.

Today, people want to have unique designs, even in their clothes. Others choose to design their t-shirts and hoods to make an impact or just for uniformity of a team.

Nevertheless, graphic design requires special skills on different software to bring out a perfect impression. Graphic design can be both online and offline. Stroll in town and look for job ads of people looking for graphic designers. Also, go to significant institutions and ask for designing jobs of their receipts and brochures.

Conversely, there are online platforms that allow you to sell your designs. After joining such platforms, you advertise your unique expertise and sell to people you have never met.

Social Media Influencer

Are you good with people? Monetize your great influence with people by building a significant following on social media. Facebook and Instagram are growing every day, with millions of subscribers globally.

Strive to earn a significant number of people following you by posts or videos. People don’t just follow any ordinary person but are most likely to like and follow funny, extraordinary, and entertaining posts and videos you post. After all, social media is a form of online entertainment.

Do a lot of researches on what people like to watch, hear or read and ”drop it to them like its hot”. This way, you will make yourself a brand. Social media is also a business place, and most brands and organizations are selling on social media.

If you have a significant following, significant brands will want to hire you to market their services and products. By hiring you, they will reach a wider margin through you.

However, bear in mind that building a significant following doesn’t come overnight. It takes time and energy to come up with creative ways of attracting people’s attention your way. Luckily, being an influencer doesn’t need training of any sort. Build great followership, and you are on your way, smiling to the bank. You also get to meet popular brands and people since you will be working for them.

Travel Consultant

Does your job involve a lot of traveling? You can make money online by being a travel consultant as your side hustle. Experience is the best teacher. Having traveled to many places, you can use that to your advantage.

You are skilled in planning and organizing; hence you can help travelers do the same. You can create a website where you will share your experiences with different destinations. This will help many people know and anticipate what to expect.

Conversely, you can check different flight prices and times as well as favorable destinations in their destinations. Your skills and experience from your job can become and a way of making extra cash online. Build a good reputation with people wherever you go.

The secret to making money is working smart, not hard. With the above options of making money online, choose the right way of earning extra cash.