Marketing is the key to grabbing people’s attention to your business and brand. Promotional Products are a must in marketing because they are tangible and creates an impression on your customer’s mind. This impression creates familiarity when a customer sees your product or brand in the market. Continuous and repeat appearance and familiarity make trust and result in sales. A person who receives free promotional giveaway products will prefer your brand over others.

Do you think you need a lot of money for the marketing of your brand? Promotional products that come under a dollar can boost your business and increase your brand awareness. This way, you do not have to spend a lot of money on your marketing budget.

The retail shop will sell promotional products for a few dollars like notepads, sticky notes, pens, keychains, bottles, etc. However, when you order these in bulk, you will get a special price, and you will get most of the products under a dollar. These products will save you a lot of money. You can give high-end, and executive feels to these products by customizing them with your brand’s logo or marketing message, which will result in the best use of your buck in advertising opportunity.

You should create your promotional giveaway strategy thoroughly. It includes:


Decide the budget of your overall promotion and price per product. You can also determine the number of pieces that will be required.


Understand your audience and carefully select the promotional product that suits your brand and potential customer. Decide the message that you are going to print on the product.


Select the appropriate distribution place.

Tips for selecting a Promotional Product for your brand

There are so many promotional giveaway products in the market. You need to find a unique and exciting product that works with your business and brand value. Below are a few tips for you:

Customize Promotional Product for Audience:

Pen, coffee mug, and keychain are generic promotional products that fit almost all industries and occasions. You should try to customize your promotional products as per the audience. The promotional product should be useful for the receiver. If they like it, they will use and remember your brand. For example, if you are running a women’s gym, then you can give a pink and white combination gym bag or bottles as a promotional giveaway product.

Also, when people see that product in their hand, it will be a conversation starter.

Attention grabber products

Choose exciting products that capture customer’s attention. Bright and bold color products grab attention easily.

Highlight uniqueness of your brand

There must be some factor or quality which differentiates your business from your competitors. You can highlight the unique quality of your business by messages on promotional products.

Promotional giveaway ideas for specific fields or industry

If your promotional product is from your field, people will relate to it more; for example, if you are from the beauty and fashion industry, then products like nail polish, lip balm, sewing kit will be ideal. Similarly, if you are from the fitness industry, then water bottle, body fat calipers, jump rope, dumbbell key chains are a good choice.

Consider weather

Your audience would love your product if you considered the weather while selecting giveaway products. For example, if you are planning a giveaway in summer, then Koozie is a great idea.

Promotional giveaway ideas for a specific occasion

Occasion specify promotional products are great for a starting conversation. These occasions can be a family reunion, college reunion, health and wellness campaign, team building event, etc.

For health and wellness awareness campaign, you can give jump rope, hand sanitizer, pedometer, etc.

Places where you can distribute promotional giveaways

Street fair or Trade Fair

You can increase your brand’s reach to a large number of prospective customers in these places. Street fair is a good place if you are promoting your business in the local community. Trade fairs are the place for reaching out to a broader audience and helps in promoting your brand’s uniqueness over other competitors.

Good promotional products are a great way to attract potential customers to your booth. You can engage your audience in a quiz or small games and handout these promotional products as a token of participation or winning prize.

Token of appreciation

You can give promotional giveaways to your staff and suppliers as a token of appreciation. You can organize monthly fun day competitions at your organization. While competition winners will get big prizes, you can handover these promotional products to participants. Employees love company-branded goodies.

Leave behind products

You can leave promotional products behind in a restaurant, a grocery store, or a doctor’s clinic. These are the place where a lot of people come and will notice your promotional product.

Surprise gift to regular clients

Surprise clients with business promotional gifts can create strong bonds and help in business expansion through word of mouth. It is the best way to brand promotion.


Donate promotional school supplies like a pen, notepad, etc. to nearby schools or community centers. Kids get excited when they get any such item for free, especially if it’s related to kids. They will tell everyone what they have got.

The bottom line is – who does not love gifts or promotional products? I love it. As per a survey, more than 70% of the people who get free promotional products remember the company’s name, and 52% purchased the product. You can find and customize best giveaway items at

Giving the right product to the right audience can give multifold sales results in a limited budget. Many promotional products pass from one person to another, such as a pen, which means your brand will reach more people. Promotional giveaway helps create a brand image, improve brand reputation, and increase sales. Customized Promotional products giveaway is a smart strategy that gets your business’s name in front of many people in a small budget.