As an ecommerce business owner, trying out different marketing strategies not only increases sales but enhances brand recognition and growth. Understanding that your online stores need to reach people globally requires an effective and high-performance marketing strategy.

Google shopping ads are among the top-ranked marketing strategies you should implement today. Set up a Google ads account to have your products featured on the Google marketplace. Are you intending to get started and green in the use of Google shopping ads? More information about this marketing strategy is provided below.


Features of Google shopping ads

There are key components you should understand about Google shopping ads;

  1. Product title

You need to set up your product title in one hundred and fifty words. The title should give a brief description of your product, making it easy for the buyer without detailed information about it. Google ads management service advises the sellers to use the same title as the landing page.

Being creative enough when creating the titles gives you competitive advantages. If you fail to experience high clicks to your products, changing the product title can help increase them. The right choice of keywords will direct potential customers to your products.

  1. Images

The right images can attract a high number of sellers to your online store. They should be of the best quality and dimension to make your product feeds look organized and up to date. Edited images containing a watermark are not allowed on the site. They should be original enough, and the actual items you sell to gain customer loyalty. There is a specific limit of images allowed per product; understand this before listing your products.

  1. Product description

It is essential to give a glimpse of your products and how they are structured. According to Google ads management, the product description should be 5000 words long. Through the product description, you should make use of the best keywords. Ensure that you describe your products accordingly to convince your customers about purchasing them. To be ahead of your competitors, use the right keywords and outline to ensure that your items rank top.

  1. Product price

Pricing is the most essential thing buyers check out when purchasing products on the Google shopping ads. Keep in mind that your items should go along with the same value they portray from the pictures. Research to be informed about how other sellers are listing their items.

Do not price them too high or too low, do not be blinded by the idea that people will rush to buy your products out of the low prices you set. The kind of pricing you choose should give room for negotiation, which is only if you allow it. When you require discounts, you should adjust your prices and indicate them to give the buyer an easy time.

  1. Product ratings

A high-rated product usually appears most on the Google ads marketplace. Ensure that you list your item creatively to stand out from other sellers. If you are selling a standard product, you will rank averagely; therefore, the requirement requires putting extra effort into marketing it.


How to get started with Google shopping ads

Before starting with Google shopping ads, identify the particular item you need to sell. Should it be familiar with what other people are selling, you should look for a manner to modify it to be more preferred than the rest. For example, if you sell shoes, include how unique they are from other brands in the description part. You can talk about their accommodating material suitable for the hot and cold seasons.

One should then sign up on the Google merchant center to have an account and make your details legalized by Google ads management. The guidelines provided on the site state clearly how to list your items and the kind of pricing expected compared to what other sellers have to offer.


How to improve your performance on Google shopping ads

  1. The review section active

If you offer quality products and engagement with your sellers, you should not shy off from making the review section. It helps you improve customer loyalty and makes your products trusted by most people. Providing a review section makes potential buyers ascertain that your products are safe and quality enough for purchase. As the seller, you need to offer exemplary customer service to ensure positive comments in your review section.

  1. Use attractive images

Invest in quality photography services to ensure that products are captured just as they are. One of the ways that would discourage your customer is using low-quality pictures. Understand that images attract buyers to the site; they should go along with the product description to give the best product outline.

Depending on the site’s number of images, attach enough images to fit what the customer requires. If you realize that you are not getting enough clicks, consider using high-quality pictures.

  1. Customer service

Learn to understand the number of clicks made by customers to your products. This helps understand how convincing your marketing strategy is. Linking up with customers after showing interest in the products is essential too. If you cannot do this individually, consider seeking virtual assistance services. Should your products be up for negotiation, do it wisely to avoid losing customers.

  1. Understand your target customers

Consider market research to inform the kind of services that buyers require. If the product has been in the market for a long time, you should develop different forms of modification to make it appealing. It is essential to understand the product’s features and how the buyers want them.

Consider looking at what your competitors have to offer to ensure that you are a step ahead of them. Use the correct language in the product description to attract your customers.

Google shopping ads are the new marketing strategy for ecommerce business owners. Keeping up with the changes in the market and effective marketing gives you a competitive advantage.