For a business person, all mornings and nights are the same. The first thing before you begin your day and the last thing you do before sleeping is checking your email. Funny enough, this happens when you are in bed.

Did you know? People send about 293.6 billion emails each day. Whether you are in school, a business person, or employed, email is indispensable. Emails hold all types of conversations, work or unofficial with the close of faraway people.

In such a digital and critical era where most people need to survive due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people find ways of making money online in, such as email marketing. Besides, what else should you do to sell during lockdowns and stay-at-home conditions?

Learn how to sell more with email marketing.


Sell On the Thank You Page

The Thank You page of your opt-in is the best place to monetize your email list. When people opt to check more of your offer, they show interest in your services and products. So, it would be best to convert the interested clients into customers instantly.

Therefore, do this by adding snippets and links of your products or services on the ‘Shop’ page. Moreover, you can go ahead and include raven reviews and testimonials of past clients as the cherry on the ice cream.


Rerun Promotions

If you ever had email campaigns that brought in many customers, it would help consider the idea. Try to retrace what you did that made people flock, making orders. Was it a 2hrs flash sale or crazy discounts? Well, rerun it!

The best approach would be to rerun all the previous campaigns and promotions that generated more sales. Of course, people get excited at the sight of special promotions and discounts and spend well not to miss the chance.

But, avoid over-doing the promotions as this can signal a lousy vibe like desperation or ridding off harmful products as quickly. Preferably, like twice a year would be a great move.



‘This belt would match the dress perfectly’ this is upselling.

When your email subscribers buy from you, it would be best to offer the expensive products/services from your brand or an upgrade with the same purchase. Your idea would be to sell more cheaply rather than separately, which is more expensive.

Remarkably, you can up-sell any products or services to make more sales.



When you notice a client is trying to back out of a purchase, you should try down-selling to maintain them. Down-selling involves selling a cheaper product, but it has similar features and functions as they desire.

When down-selling, ensure the client understands that it will be a one-time offer they should not miss. Better still, it would help to tell them that your bid is the best among many similar sellers.


Start Coaching

Instead of focusing more on selling your product or service, try coaching. It would be best to serve them with many subscribers with something different rather than enticing them to buy with discounts and promotions.

Ensure you are coaching based on what you are selling. The idea of coaching adds more information to your clients on the particular products which will make them run to buy what makes them happy.

Always remember that there’s money in your email. With the best approach, you can make money via your email, even while sleeping.