Bitcoins, xrp, etherum are forms of cryptocurrencies. Crypto enthusiasts appreciate these digital currencies inspiring many developers to devote time and efforts to creating others due to those like bitcoin.

However, this market is unstable and unpredictable, but the rise in some digital currencies continues to please investors and draw them to the mining process. Therefore, many investors’ popularity makes it acceptable as a different medium of exchange.

But, even with success, there are challenges that the crypto community needs to overcome. For instance;

Lack of Support from Mobile Platforms

Without a doubt, most businesses and agencies are accepting cryptocurrencies, but sadly some tech-giants still refuse to acknowledge them on mobile platforms. Some like Apple and Google are planning to bar bitcoin’s wallet App from their App Store.

So, they are in partnership with the states to bring down the crypto trade by barring them from the platforms. Because of this, most developers are still creating wallet apps and injuring the economic system. The banning is unfortunate for most users as these transactions are fast and easy without bank transactions.

Slow Transactions

One of the significant challenges is the long duration of processing bitcoins and other digital currencies. These dawdling transactions make most businesses refuse to accept digital currencies as a mode of payment.

Usually, a bitcoin transaction takes like 43 minutes to complete. This is because of the transaction fee that needs verification first with users who fail to pay even hours to complete a transaction.

Luckily, working with miners like makes it easy for you by handling the entire process and security for you.

Expensive Transactions

Most digital currencies, like bitcoin transactions, require a transaction fee that forms delays in transactions. The transactions are only complete after the transaction fee goes through to verify the transaction quickly.

So if you want your transaction to complete fast, you will need to pay an extra cost. This eventually makes the entire trade costly. Because most people don’t want to spend an additional amount in getting their transactions complete, the slow processes hinder businesses from embracing these digital currencies.

Lack of Privacy

Lack of or less privacy is still another major challenge facing digital currency users. This is due to recording every transaction on the distributed public ledger like blockchain, making users shift from bitcoin to other cryptocurrencies.

For instance, people flood the bitcoin category because they trust the misconception of it being private. Well, personal systems stand a better chance of assuring their clients on strict privacy terms.

However, this couldn’t be any far from the truth because the bitcoin network is relatively anonymous and private. Hence the transactions are not entirely safe. Besides, how can you trust a stranger with your cash?

To summarize this, it is essential to be aware that the cryptocurrency industry among the most difficult to operate in or join. It is a brand-new industry that is continually developing by the day. All in all, it becomes a business that is both exciting and challenging at the same time. But just like other businesses, challenges are inevitable and need conquering.