According to facts and statistics, approximately 76% of consumers said they received a text message from a business. What’s your business doing about such a massive impact on business growth?

Text messages are no longer the out-dated way to communicate with friends, as was the norm, but it is also a marketing strategy for businesses. With just a single text message to many people, you can get a wide range of clients from wherever. Just be sure of how to format and send the right message.

But why is messaging an essential tool in business? Read on.


With texts, you can eliminate some of the hindrances of communication between you and clients. Phone calls can be challenging, especially when they come at the wrong time. But a text message can leave you the information for attending to when you are comfortable. What’ more?

This marketing strategy will also enable you to reach your customers with important messages in a non-intrusive yet convenient way.

Updates Communication Management

You will notice that currently, businesses have many phone lines for communication with their clients. They do so to get much-expected feedback from their customers on their products and services. Read on.

Managing all those phone numbers and their messages can be quite overwhelming. However, you can merge your main business line with a texting service provider like Such a service will release the pressure and burden from you by handling the messaging needs of your business.

More Success in Reading the Message

Even though email marketing is a powerful marketing strategy, not every client gets to read the emails. But with text messaging, the rate of clients reading your message is very high and possible.

Therefore, if you have an actual sale or promotion for your business, a text message will likely give excellent results. Use the text message weapon appropriately in your business and maximize the full potential of your business.

Customer Relationship

A text message is a familiar and friendly way to pass communication. Besides, you are always texting family and friends. If you wish to build a great relationship with your clients, start business text messaging. What’s more?

Incorporate a messaging format that allows your clients to reply. By having two-way communication with your customer, it shows that your business cares. It cares enough to respond to their needs and queries, even via text messages. This will sure keep the clients keep coming back for more of your products and services.


It costs far less to send a message to a client than sending an email. Even if it’s bulk text messaging, the cost is way lower than other marketing strategies.

Therefore, text messages are an excellent choice for all businesses. This is mainly for start-ups with a strict budget. Starting a business sometimes means you’re on a strict budget to incorporate marketing strategies for a while. But the cheap text messages ensure you have your business identity in the public’s eye, literally.

If you are still slow on starting the text messaging strategy for your business, then it is now. Besides, your competitors could already be using it. Go ahead and join the bandwagon.