Cryptocurrency has come to stay and many people are using digital currency to make good money and also earn a living for themselves. However, if you are new to cryptocurrency, or you are hoping how you can develop a portfolio of crypto for yourself, then this guide would be very useful for you.

Generally, cryptocurrency comes with its ups and downs, and you must be ready to follow along with the tide waves. With that in mind, to help you minimize the risks associated with cryptocurrency and ensure you make the best use of the opportunities it presents, building a portfolio of cryptocurrency is very important.

Of course, the cryptocurrency market is huge, with different types of coins, and also for the abundance of tokens seeking your attention as an investor. As a cryptocurrency investor, you would encounter different states of confusion because of the various assets and portfolios you can build.

However, you must build the best crypto portfolio which would help you safeguard your investments in the long run. In this article, you would understand simple guides you can follow to help you achieve your crypto investment portfolio seamlessly.


Always Know That Bitcoin Is The King

Whenever you are building a cryptocurrency investment portfolio, you must understand that bitcoin stands at the front of the investment you should own. It is important you gain the knowledge and also build a cryptocurrency portfolio along that line. With over 43% of the cryptocurrency market share, bitcoin holds a huge version more than other cryptocurrencies.

Besides, the best way for you to start building the best crypto portfolio is to Highmark about 50 to 60 percent of your portfolio to Bitcoin. The next in line is Ethereum which is the second-rated cryptocurrency. It can also take up to like 20 to 30 percent of your portfolio.

If you are new to cryptocurrency investment, you would understand that investment in these two main cryptocurrency should make up your portfolio. To understand the possible return on investments of your cryptocurrency investment you can look through


Most Alternative Coins Fail To Make A Cycle.

As a cryptocurrency investor, you should understand that whenever you are building a portfolio of investments, you should always take note of the coin type. Yes, the majority of the investors want to have their investments diversified.

The cryptocurrency investment moves for like 4 years in a cycle, and most of the token and assets created does not make it through. This then means that predicting the outcome of most cryptocurrencies can be very tough. Bitcoin holds good ground, while altcoins that are other than Bitcoin and Ethereum grow at a slower rate than the two major coins.


Your Overall Crypto Portfolio

Cryptocurrency is an asset that holds a very high return but also comes with huge risks if your investments are not done properly. More so, cryptocurrency has become something that is widely accepted and the inclusion of various assets and tokens makes it a great investment opportunity.

With that in mind, as a crypto investor, you can diversify your investment in fixed deposits, gold, and even free cash. More so, ensure the risk is minimal and your investment is not prone to volatility.